Slimming capsules

Slimming capsules

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Slimming capsules

That the market for this type of product is flourishing is not a secret. Just do a quick search in the sites that advertise them or in the stores that sell them and you discover lots of variations. Miraculous mix of caffeine, theine and grapefruit at the modest sum of 30 euros per jar promise to reshape the silhouette in no time and without effort. One pill or two a day and our body will regenerate itself by feeding on our excess fat. Real or false miracles? It is a captivating business, full of easy promises and captivating packaging that promise perfect bodies in a short time and with incredible effects. But is it really so? When talking about this type of pills it is necessary first of all to distinguish between drugs and supplements: the former are only distributed in pharmacies upon prescription, while the latter are at the mercy of everyone, in shops, herbalists and supermarkets. And the differences in use, effects and components are relevant and to be known.


For those aiming for a lean body but without excessive or unexpected risks, contacting a doctor and getting a drug is the best choice. Once there were two approved ones to help weight loss: the Subitramina and the Orlistan. The first type of tablet acts on the sense of satiety with side effects concerning the vascular circulation. In fact, it was recently banned due to the lack of security it guaranteed. The second type instead decreases the absorption of dietary fat, but increases the risks of incontinence. Alli still exists, a recently introduced drug that has side effects mostly similar to the Orlistan.
The choice to lose weight with the help of pills is not therefore free from some problems without forgetting that the drugs that intervene on the sense of hunger or on the absorption of fat lose their effectiveness as soon as the treatment is interrupted.


Next to the pills given with a medical prescription there is also a vast number of supplements. This kind of slimming capsules of origin mostly natural and vegetable, composed mainly of fibers, if taken with a lot of water they swell inside the stomach speeding up the sense of satiation and intervening in the intestine also on the absorption of food, in particular of carbohydrates and fats. These weight loss supplements include: bran, guar and guar gum, karaya gum, psyllium, psyllium seeds, agar agar, glucomannan, pectin, Konjac flour, algina and alginic acid, carrageenan and many others. There are many small drawbacks also caused by this type of capsule. Without mentioning the more serious ones, it is important to keep in mind that excessive use of fibers reduces the absorption not only of fats but also of the main elements useful to our body such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, which are indispensable during growth. Among the main ingredients of the supplements there are natural extracts of caffeine that contains antioxidants and intervenes on the speeding up of the metabolism, the Ganoderma Lucidum, a fungus that regulates blood pressure, cholesterol level and liver function, the dog rose from above content of vitamin C and glycine max, a set of dietary fiber composed of berries, fresh fruit, seeds and nuts that give a sense of satiety.

Drugs: functionality and risks

Few people claim that weight loss supplements really work, while on the pharmaceutical type the scientific community is more unanimous. The capsules of this type prescribed by the doctor have their own functionality. They intervene on the metabolism, alter the absorption of fats and carbohydrates reducing it, decrease the sense of hunger. They also work and can work thanks to the placebo effect they play, pushing those who use them to choose healthier foods. It is not possible not to accompany the use of small with a balanced diet. It is therefore necessary to be able to serve in the most effective way possible to weight loss drugs and vice versa. We can choose the non-prescription diet pills that are available for anyone who decides to lose unwanted weight. However, we cannot forget the risks. The problem stems from the need to take these products in the right way, combining the pills with a healthy diet and a minimum of physical activity. Another point to keep in mind is weight maintenance after you stop taking the pills. Therefore there are capsules that work, recognized by medicine and approved by European regulations. But the other side of the coin are the "miraculous" products of which the market is saturated, based on exotic ingredients or the "next big thing", perhaps advertised by some overseas VIPs.

The scam behind it are

How to understand if a drug or supplement is valid or not? The first step is definitely to consult a doctor. You can't trust internet reviews even when written by self-styled pill users. The opinion of a specialist is of fundamental importance to ensure that you do not take risks for your health and do not choose the product that is not suitable for us. You also can't decide to go for the "do it yourself" using drugs designed for other purposes (such as antidepressants or anti-diabetics) to try to lose weight. Their use in this sense is wrong and with big side effects. Also avoid excessively advertised supplements, skylark mirrors for those aiming for an easy as well as false weight loss.

Slimming capsules: How to defend yourself

So how can you protect yourself from these scams that always seem to be around the corner? First of all it is better to be wary of products that promise a miraculous slimming, even if sitting comfortably on the sofa. The second point is to avoid the use of capsules made up of exotic mixes based on unknown plants, overseas herbs and ingredients that will never be verifiable. Attention then to drugs or supplements placed on the market only in a foreign language that could be illegal in our country. There are also products that refer to mysterious unspecified scientific discoveries and finally supplements disguised as drugs supported by non-transparent advertising campaigns.


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