Christmas centerpiece

Christmas centerpiece

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A Christmas table centerpiece

In flower shops, centerpieces of all shapes and sizes are being prepared for Christmas, because the Christmas table remains one of the few moments in which to see the whole family gathered, and more and more often you want to celebrate the holidays by decorating and decorating the house, and also the table, where we often spend most of the day at Christmas. In many stores it is possible to prepare the centerpiece we prefer at the moment, personally choosing the various objects that make it up, but not always so, and if we have a little imagination and we love bricolage, we can try to prepare a centerpiece to size of the our table and our tastes, maybe that has the same style and colors of dishes and household linen. Clear that a little manual work and also professional experience allow florists to prepare incredible centerpieces, almost small sculptures; but if we want something that speaks of us, that represents us in some way, we can try with a small centerpiece without great pretensions: sometimes simplicity is more decorative than anything.

What is needed

It is not always possible to prepare a centerpiece with what we already possess; a golden plate, some garland in red or silver material, a beautiful candle and some red berries can already give life to a beautiful centerpiece, without having to move from home; but if we wish to add other elements, it is good to prepare them first. Christmas centerpieces are often made with fresh flowers, or with pine branches (natural or synthetic); to support the flowers it is useful the florist sponge, the firm and compact, green or gray, which in addition to maintaining the humidity, in the case of fresh plants, is also useful to support the various objects that make up the centerpiece. Typically it is green and is sold in parallelepipeds, but there is also gray, or cream, and also of particular shapes, for example the ring-shaped one is used to give life to a garland, or to a round centerpiece. Holding a donut-shaped sponge as a guide, we also have the advantage of preparing a perfectly round centerpiece, without the need for a ruler and square. A support for the centerpiece is useful, although not strictly necessary, it allows us to move the object, so a nice plate, a frame, a tray; it is not necessary that it is a fine Chinese porcelain, just a wooden or resin plate, after all it is probable that nobody notices it, if the centerpiece is beautiful and balanced. In the centerpiece we can then add objects such as moss, small tree balls, glasses, candles, lanterns, pieces of ribbon or trimmings. Usually a walk in the hobby shop area dedicated to "feminine work" always helps; we will be able to find objects of which we would never have thought existed, or the possibilities of use. If our centerpiece should be moved often, it is good to prepare ourselves to fix all the small parts with hot glue, or with staples.


Typically, i Christmas centerpieces they are prepared with red, gold and green objects; but it is not said that it is an eternal law, perennial and insurmountable; we can prepare our centerpiece in the colors of our Christmas tree, which could also be blue and white, or silver. Preparing decorations that match each other, makes them more harmonious and pleasing to the eye; instead decorations of various colors tend to scream a lot, especially if they are all placed in the same room of the house. In recent years for many in Christmas it is not a religious holiday or linked to particular symbologies, but it is simply a moment to celebrate the family; more and more often we see Christmas decorations in the most disparate colors, from orange to violet, or even to black. If our Christmas tree was decorated with black and purple balls and bows, it would also be good to prepare the centerpiece with flowers, trimmings and black and purple candles.

Symbolic objects

Often i Christmas centerpieces they are prepared by combining objects that are repeated over the years; This is because these objects take on a symbolic meaning, even when they are simply part of a Christmas table ornament. Candles are a symbol of light, giving, lighting, using candles, as well as giving the home that intimate touch due to the flickering and suffused light, it recalls the festivities of the end of the year and of the solstice: the candle is the symbol of sunlight , and therefore I am an element to propitiate the arrival of spring. Also the branches of pine, fir, holly, have the same meaning: the evergreen plants, which bear the rigors of winter maintaining their leaves, remind us that nature is only dormant, not dead, and that it will soon recover in its splendor. Flowers, even when they enter a centerpiece, retain their meaning in the evocative world of the language of flowers; so a centerpiece with red roses shows passionate love; a centerpiece of daisies is a symbol of delicate love, of purity, of patience. The colored balls recall the fruits of the future spring, and are therefore a propitiatory decoration.

How to proceed

First of all, before leaving the house to make purchases, it is good to consider how we want our centerpiece; the shape is linked to the shape and dimensions of the table itself, and also to how, how many and which dishes we will position: for example, if we have the habit of placing dishes with the food to be shared on the table, the centerpiece must be small and little cumbersome, or we risk that after a few minutes it will be moved from the table as it is cumbersome. The colors must match the ones in the room. Once this is done, let us get all the elements we intend to bring together. There is no strict rule in the preparation of a centerpiece, if we also like a crystal vase full of colored balls it can already be a nice centerpiece. However, we would like to remind you of some elements that may be useful in the packaging of our centerpiece. First of all we remember that, as such, the centerpiece must be positioned in the center of the table, there are no table-tops; this means that our centerpieces, although they can have a front and a back, will have to be pleasant from all angles (unless you want to place the back a little ugly in the face of the relatives that we love the least). If we are preparing a centerpiece with some sponge, let us remember to cover it all, with flowers, leaves, fir branches, bows; even if the color is usually "mimetic", it is not very pleasant to see the sponge that supports the decoration. If we are afraid of not being able to cover it with the elements we wish to use, we can start by coating the sponge with colored paper, or fabric matching the other elements, or even spraying the sponge with golden glitter, or with fake snow. In this way his presence will pass completely unnoticed. If we have decided to insert flowers in our centerpiece, let us prepare them as florists do: if they go into a vase, we cut the stems obliquely, and remove most of the leaves. If instead they will be inserted in the sponge, let us remember to reinforce the heavier ones with plastic-covered wire: proceed by inserting one end of the wire into the corolla, at the base, and then describe a spiral path along the stem that supports the flower ; we will thus have flowers that remain beautiful and can be oriented more easily.

Christmas centerpiece: Original Christmas table centerpiece

Are you looking for some more original ideas for your Christmas table? How about a Christmas table centerpiece edible? Using fruit it is possible to create very beautiful structures that recall the typical symbols of Christmas, such as the tree. Making it is simpler than you think. Take an apple, cut a portion to make it flat and be able to place it in the center of a serving dish, drill a hole in the other end sufficiently large to be able to insert a carrot into it. The latter will be positioned with the widest end inside the apple, leaving the tip at the top. At this point, start to stick in the apple and carrot of the toothpicks, quite thick, up to the tip of the structure. Put the fruit you want into the toothpicks (preferably light to avoid breaking the toothpicks) like strawberries, grapes or slices of kiwi. Finish with an edible star, using a cookie cutter to cut the chosen fruit. A small and simple example of creativity.