Sandalwood essential oil: properties and uses

Sandalwood essential oil: properties and uses

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Sandalwood essential oil: properties and uses

The plant from which it is extracted is called Santalum Album and is native to southern India, Australia and eastern Indonesia. It is a tropical species of the Santalaceae family that prefers a humid, rainy climate with a temperature ranging from 0 to 38 degrees and is extremely long-lived, can live even a century.
The use of this plant is linked to the Indian and Chinese religious tradition. For about 4000 years, Sandalwood essential oil has been used in tantric yoga schools to stimulate sexual energy. In the East it is also used for cosmetics, embalming and wood is used for the construction of temples. In the Chinese tradition instead it is used to treat stomach pain, vomiting, gonorrhea and some skin diseases. This precious essential oil is also important for Ayurvedic medicine, always for healing and medicinal purposes. In Europe it came only later thanks to some Chinese doctors and was always used for healing purposes as for urinary infections and gonorrhea.

But what is Sandalwood essential oil?

It is an oil that is extracted from wood and roots of the homonymous plant through a distillation of these parts in a current of steam. The result is a pure essential oil with balsamic, very sweet and woody base notes. With about 20 kg of sandalwood from trees that are 30 years old, one kilogram of essential oil is obtained. One of the properties of sandalwood oil is that it improves over time, that is to say particular notes that make it even more pleasant. Unfortunately the reckless use of these trees for the vast production of oils both for healing purposes and for the production of soaps and perfumes, has caused a drastic reduction in the number of specimens that are now monitored to avoid their disappearance. Sandalwood is now under government control and has become rare and expensive.

What are your properties?

Sandalwood essential oil is used in various ways both to act inside the body and outside, but not only, as the tradition tells, it is also used to cure the ills of the soul and the spirit and to favor the practice of meditation.
The various uses can be distinguished by describing three important peculiarities of this substance. It can be defined as Harmonizing, Aphrodisiac and Antiseptic.
As you can see, the action of Sandalwood oil is placed on three different dimensions: The spirit in the first place, the sexual aspect and finally the curative one.
In the first case, it is said that Sandalwood has the ability to eliminate all forms of stress that prevent good concentration and good meditation. This aspect must be considered important also for all those who have problems related to stress, anxiety which then have repercussions in everyday life and in physical problems. It can also be used to combat insomnia, or in a more general way to calm, relax and promote concentration.
For what concerns the second field of action, we know that Sandalwood oil was already used by the Chinese to awaken sexual energy. The advice that is given by the experts is to use this oil in the couple, as it is useful to man as it promotes the production of sex hormones (it could also be used in cases of impotence or erectile dysfunction) and to the woman to find the right stimulus.
The oil in question can be used as a massage oil with beneficial effects both on the skin and on the spirit and this can help the couple in their most intimate moments.
The third field of use is decidedly more vast and complex. The healing properties of Sandalwood essential oil are decidedly numerous and with many facets.
It can be said that this oil contains within it peculiarities that can be found in nature but on different vegetables. In this case instead they are all together.
It has different capacities, such as the antispasmodic one, useful when you have pains such as stomach or stomach, it is also used to calm menstrual pain.
Thanks to its calming property, as already highlighted before, it can be used against insomnia, against stress, anxiety, to favor an essential mental balance to lead a quiet life. There are those who also advise using it even in cases of rebellious and restless adolescents, but this aspect has no scientific confirmation.
It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory, an element that is very useful at this time of year. It can therefore also be used to soothe inflammation of the oral cavity given by the cold, to soothe inflammation of the external ear, but it is also effective in the case of cystitis, both male and female urinary inflammation, colibacillosis and external inflammation of the genitals.
In case of wounds or burns, Sandalwood oil will perform its healing action very well. Often it also happens to have annoying blisters on the feet, perhaps after having worn for a long time new or uncomfortable shoes that led to the development of small pockets of liquid, here, also this case, after having eliminated it you can use the oil of Sandalwood to reduce wound healing times. In this circumstance the oil can also be exploited for another property that is antiseptic, preventing the development of infections.
The antiseptic action can also be exploited for internal inflammations caused by bacteria, which in this case will find a hostile environment and cannot survive in it; the anti-inflammatory action will do the rest.
The diuretic action that you may have if associated with a healthy diet and moderate physical activity cannot be forgotten. Sandalwood oil is therefore an excellent ally for those who wish to clean their body of harmful substances accumulated in it and for those who need to eliminate excess liquids. A much simpler use can be made when you have cystitis problems and you have to clean the bladder from pathogens.
For the more vain, for those who love to take care of their skin, it would certainly take advantage of the astringent property of Sandalwood oil. It can be useful in case of pores of the dilated skin, especially on the face, but also in case of oily skin or scalp that tends to produce excess sebum. Sandalwood oil is therefore a panacea that can be used by everyone, with the right precautions, to be able to intervene in more or less serious problems.

How to use it?

Depending on the area of ​​the body on which you want to work, it is necessary to use the oil in different ways. For example, if you want to exploit the anti-inflammatory action towards oral cavity problems, it will be sufficient to pour a few drops into a glass of warm milk and ingest normally. If you want to act on the skin instead you can add drops in a variable amount to the normal cream that is used in everyday life and proceed for some time. The soothing action is achieved simply by pouring a few drops of oil into an essences holder and leaving it in the environment, it will spread a pleasant sweet and delicate fragrance.
Some people also use it for the production of perfumes and soaps that can be found easily in perfumery or herbal medicine. But for those who want to use the natural product to feel more beautiful, just put one or two drops on the neck to get a heady scent.
Don't forget that natural essences are very useful if exploited in the right way. In some cases they can help to solve small problems, but the doctor must not be overlooked.
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