Slimming tablets

Slimming tablets

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Buying them is easy: herbalists, pharmacies but also supermarkets offer various products that promise to help in the difficult task of losing weight.
These tablets, advertised anywhere and can be purchased conveniently by anyone without a prescription, are mainly adjuvants. What does it mean? simple, these are products that lend a hand to those who, due to necessity or for aesthetic reasons, want to find the perfect shape, but it is good to keep in mind that they must be associated with a balanced diet as well as constant physical activity. The latter, in addition to being healthy, proves to be essential for keeping fabrics elastic and for firming, avoiding unsightly sagging.
Before buying any product or relying on a diet cropped out of a magazine (even worse diy diets!), It would be good to contact your doctor or, alternatively, visit a dietician. One thing is having to lose the two kilos that we find ourselves on after Christmas binges, another is to fight obesity which unfortunately turns out to be one of the most serious health problems in the world.
Given that responsibility and common sense must always come first, it is always good to rely on quality products, preferably natural and free of chemicals.
The weight loss associated with a healthy and active lifestyle is winning, but above all constant over time. Go ahead to help the slimming tablets if safe and approved by the doctor then, but without forgetting to review their diet (trying not to overdo the temptations) and move at least half an hour a day


Let's start immediately with a tip: always make sure of the safety of the product you intend to buy. The basic rule to keep in mind when buying slimming products is always to apply mainly to pharmacies or, at most, herbalists. Get advice and opt for the most suitable product for your needs, ensuring that it is a product notified by the Ministry of Health. To be certain of the safety of the product in question, make sure that the name is contained in the specific list on the ministerial website
First of all it is good to make a distinction between diet pills and those that are widely (and erroneously) defined as diet pills, when it is actually supplements. The latter are available almost everywhere, even in the supermarket below the house, unlike the actual slimming pills for which the medical prescription is necessary. The actual slimming pills are not candies to be ingested in a totally uncontrolled manner, but their consumption requires a specific dosage that can be identified only after a careful examination by the physician and / or dietician.
These are medicines with secondary effects that should not be overlooked. Unfortunately now the mass media have imposed canons of beauty in which thinness takes the first place in the ranking, although this is not always synonymous with beauty, nor with health.
The industry succeeds in conquering the public by referring back to the aforementioned image, proposing aesthetic models sometimes to the limit, relying on the desire to get closer and closer to that image. Even in these cases the negative sides are soon manifested, so much so that products that are absolutely harmful to health have been put on the market. Many diet pills, especially those based on sibutramine and ephedrine, have been banned because side effects included hypertension, tachycardia and palpitations. In some cases we even came across amphetamines.
So let's not forget to be cautious. Cases of slimming tablets are known which, among the side effects, included memory loss, neonatal malformations and even suicidal ideations.


Now let's see what are the legal slimming tablets on the market, remembering that the purchase is possible only after the presentation of a valid medical prescription.
In first place we find those based on orlistat (like Xenical). These are tablets that act by acting on the absorption of fat, but they are not completely free of contraindications and side effects such as incontinence, flatulence, faecal urgency and oily droppings.
Qnexa is another medicine, recently finished in the spotlight for a long series of rather serious side effects. After being withdrawn from the market on the orders of the Food And Drugs Administration, the manufacturer has carried out new research to better read up on the problems arising from its recruitment. This drug is therefore not recommended for pregnant women or anyone planning a pregnancy.
Among the ingredients present in Qnexa we find amphetamines (whose temporary use is approved for weight loss), but also an antiepileptic (to give a sense of satiety) and a further substance belonging to the amphetamine family, the whose job is to suppress the appetite.
It is therefore better to rely on the hands of an herbalist expert, able to advise you on the most suitable product and on how to take it. The slimming tablets must in fact be taken with a high quantity of water. In fact, many products contain mucilages which, on contact with water, give rise to a sort of gel that takes shape at the gastric level, guaranteeing a sense of satiety.
A possible side effect is to be found in the swelling at stomach level, swelling that can be limited by taking products based on star anise and fennel. The latter are capable of limiting the intestinal gas that is formed due to fermentation.
In herbal medicine the panorama concerning supplements is vast. In fact, we find dietary fiber supplements like those we just talked about, which are also able to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fats, thanks to the action exerted on the intestinal level. Among these we find bran, psyllium seeds, glucamane and guar.
Cocoa, coffee, guarana, black tea and green tea as well as bitter orange extracts belong to the thermogenic family, whose task is to promote weight loss by increasing the metabolism.
Even seaweed can be very useful in the fight against unnecessary pounds. The latter are rich in mineral salts such as iodine, capable of promoting metabolic activity and activating an anorectic effect. Among the most common algae suitable for this purpose are brown algae, Kelp algae and finally laminaria. The latter is considered the seaweed par excellence, capable of promoting and stimulating the vital energy of the body, as well as reducing water retention at the base of cellulite imperfections.
Finally, in the case of algae, it will be possible to combine them with tasty dishes and cook them as a side dish. Definitely low-calorie but above all healthy!


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