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DIY Pool

Certainly there is no mention of a paltry expense, but neither of figures that cannot be included in the budget of an average family; with the expense equivalent to the purchase of a small utility car, you can in fact allow yourself a do-it-yourself pool, with all the peculiar characteristics of the products on the market, but with "some" euros saved, in spite of what the neighbors can think of of home or envious people.
So if you are thinking of building a swimming pool in the garden of your house, congratulations, because you are on the right path to give that touch of style to the property, which moreover will enhance it even more in the event of a sale, without however affecting the cadastral income; also you will become a reference point in the summers of your children and their friends, not to mention that you too can organize beautiful parties with a final bathroom, in perfect Hollywood style.
But where do you start, what design and technical arrangements need to be considered, and last but not least, how much will you spend? Even a do-it-yourself project requires careful planning, so as to avoid having to face problems to be solved later that may force additional costs.

A basic account of the basic costs must take into account the excavation, the pool kit or all the construction materials (in the case of a complete DIY) and the cost of the professional for the projects. In detail, an excavation can cost around 5 euros per cubic meter (in the calculation it must be taken into account that the area concerned must also be large enough to contain the installations), to which must be added 8 euros per cubic meter, for the burial of the perimeter area, and 8 euros per cubic meter for the transport of waste material to landfill; the total could be around a thousand euros. The cost of the kit for in-ground pools varies, depending on the size and type of the pool (walls and cladding), from five thousand to twelve thousand euros, to which we need to add 30% more if you want the purification system with system overflow. Another thousand euros will then be used for plumbing and electrical systems. For the professional and permits, on the other hand, a few hundred euros should suffice.
It is good, and convenient, to remember that, for the construction of the swimming pool, it is possible to ask for the application of I.V.A. at 10%, while it is not very clear if the application of 4% can even be used, in the event that the aforementioned pool is tied to the first house (better to consult directly with the Revenue Agency); on the other hand, a 36% deduction cannot be used for building renovation purposes.
The cadastral income of the property does not change, consequently the tax rate on the buildings remains unchanged, while obviously the eventual sale price will undergo a discreet raise upwards, shifting the considerations on the occurrence of building a swimming pool towards an investment opportunity rather than a mere whim for a superfluous good: in practice you can already imagine yourself lying beside your pool with the knowledge that you have made your savings well, provided that you treat it from day one, because bad maintenance would make it more like a pond, nullifying every effort made to build it.


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