Draining infusion

Draining infusion

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Draining infusion

Today the need to purify and purify one's organism is widespread among the population. This need stems from the desire and desire to feel lighter and also to dispose of a few extra pounds that have accumulated during the winter, on the abdomen or on the hips. Naturally this is also possible following a slight low-calorie diet. Even if there are no cosmetic problems, it is still necessary to take these herbal teas, during the premenstrual period or even if there is an annoying water retention. Those who are subject to kidney stones or the formation of gravel should necessarily make use of these rather purifying infusions because they allow to expel accumulated liquids, favoring the expulsion of any small concretions consisting of urates. The herbal teas serve as medical remedies and are divided into infusions, decoctions and macerations. These three techniques are always prepared with the use of water and always keeping in mind the extraction methods of the medicinal plants and the benefits they want to obtain. The infusion in particular, as the term says, is the infusion of natural herbs in hot water. The latter are left to rest for a few minutes in the water, then the mixture is filtered and it can be drunk.

Benefits of infusions

Many people, for example, are predisposed to the formation of calcium oxalate renella and it would be a good rule to observe the use of draining herbal teas at least in the evening and as soon as you wake up in the morning. Diuresis, in this case, must also be stimulated to alleviate painful symptoms. In fact, the draining herbal teas prepared with certain medicinal herbs also have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects.
The natural herbs that you can find in herbal medicine, are countless and your trusted herbalist will know how to advise you on which ones to use. In the case of gravel, the roots of liquorice, the rhizome of gramigna, fennel seeds, the golden rod, the ononide root are very useful. The infusion is prepared by pouring 100 grams of hot water over every three parts of the mixture. The glass into which the water is poured must be covered so as not to disperse the benefits of the herbs. You should drink this herbal tea, whenever you are thirsty. You will surely gain considerable benefits.
There are several medicinal herbs that lend themselves to many diseases. All of them must be wisely dosed and this is the task of the herbalist who will advise you on both the elements and the various measures.
When we talk about draining infusions, we also refer to cellulite that is fought with these natural methods. But also constipation needs such an infusion because it is necessary to stimulate intestinal liver drainage.
As for the problem of cellulite, felt by many women, infusions are in high demand because it is perhaps one of the main problems and we try to solve it by expelling accumulated liquids which, among other things, can cause annoying cystitis.
The medical herbs used are innumerable but the most famous and effective are the fennel that has anti-fermentative qualities, birch leaves, dandelion leaves and liquorice roots.
To prepare the draining infusion, just pour hot water in the quantity of a glass on these herbs (one spoon for each of them) and after having left them to infuse for a few minutes, they are filtered.
Of course you can prepare a more abundant infusion that you can drink during the course of the day. It is in fact an excellent habit to drink part of this infusion, whenever you are thirsty, instead of the common water.

Infusions and constipation

To combat constipation instead and to help stubborn defecation, there are several herbs that come to our aid. Usually two tablespoons of mallow are used, two of licorice and two of fennel seeds. Boil a couple of glasses of water and then pour them on the herbs. Let the mixture rest and then strain. Divide the liquid in two doses that you will drink in the evening before going to sleep and in the morning on an empty stomach.
To comply with this type of problem, the frangola, the chamomile and the American senna are also useful. The procedure is the same as the previous homemade recipe.
The draining infusions they are also very useful when you have circulation problems and feel heavy and very swollen legs. Of course, motion is very important in these cases and besides taking the infusion, it would be a good habit to take at least a short walk a day and try not to stay too long in front of a computer.
A good herbal tea and a little physical movement should resolve the problem or at least reduce the symptoms of swelling. If you infuse two tablespoons of dandelion, two of cherry peduncles and two of horsetail, for ten minutes, you will surely gain immediate benefits.

The beneficial properties of the draining infusion

Many draining infusions, besides fighting water retention, also serve to calm and promote sleep in anxious subjects. In fact, there are some medical herbs that, besides favoring the expulsion of liquids, are also suitable for bringing benefits to the body such as those to calm and give an extreme propensity to sleep. The infusion undoubtedly has an effect and favors both drainage and circulation but it is necessary, as mentioned above, to implement precise rules on nutrition. For example, the use of salt should be limited to help the beneficial action of the infusion. Little salt in food, create a synergistic effect between medical herbs and water intake. It should be remembered that foods already contain salty substances, so it is not mandatory to add more salt.
As we have seen, draining infusions prepared with officinal herbs, they are very useful and favor diuresis, allowing even fatty areas to slowly dissolve. Despite this, do not believe that the much vaunted herbal teas do miracles by themselves. Meanwhile, as in all things, it takes commitment and those who have decided to take the infusions to "dissolve" fatty deposits on the abdomen or to improve blood circulation, must use them as a support. They must in fact be combined with a healthy diet and adequate physical movement and only in this way, infusions will be able to act considerably.
A trusted nauropath, can show you the factors that trigger water retention and that without a shadow of a doubt, are a sedentary life with the consequent lack of movement, unbalanced nutrition and other small factors that affect blood circulation and lymphatic vessels.
In fact, by combining an adequate diet, a careful motor training and the use of draining infusions, a functional plan will be created to promote diuresis, without much difficulty and with a minimum effort.