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Question: why does my bougainvillea lose flowers?

A potted bougainvillea purchased 2 months ago now has lost all its flowers and only leaves left: reason, solution?

Bougainville: Answer: problems with bougainvillea

Dear Antonio,
when in summer we go to any country in the northern part of the Mediterranean, whether it be Italy or Turkey, we are entranced by bougainvillea for decades, which seem to survive even if positioned in full sun, with the heat and drought presents in the summer months, which kill most of the other plants. In general these creepers are cultivated in pots, or in small flower beds close to the house, where they find little ground, and seem to survive by miracle. If a well-settled specimen, abiding for a long time, can prove to survive even in very unfavorable conditions, the same does not happen for a young seedling, especially in the period of change that occurs from when the plant lived in the nursery, to when it is moved to our house. This is because in the nursery all the plants are usually placed in the most favorable area, and treated in the best way, given that the nursery workers do exactly that, all day long, while we are forced to dedicate ourselves to our plants only in their spare time. So, very often it happens that a splendid young plant, once taken to our house, loses its leaves, becomes ill, or in any case clear manifestos of signs of intolerance to the place where we have placed it and to the care we offer it. The reason why a bougainvillea loses its leaves may be drought; it is true these plants tolerate drought well, but only if they have been living for a long time and have had the possibility of developing a good root system; so if we take them, we move them in a small vase and we forget to water them, in July and August surely the bougainvillea will suffer thirst, which can also cause the loss of the foliage. Or they lose the leaves for the opposite reason: an always damp ground, with stagnant water, makes the roots suffocate, with consequent loss of the foliage. The bougainvilleas are climbers, so when we bring them home, we try to transfer them to a large vase, or to the ground, if we live in an area where the winter climate is mild; we water regularly, this means that in July and August we will have to water every day, while in the rainy months we will be able to water even only once a week; It is essential to check that the soil has time to dry perfectly before watering again. If we are undecided, we check with the fingers, if the soil is fresh and moist, we postpone the watering. However, avoiding leaving the earth dry and lasting for days.