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Choice of fruit plants

Choice of fruit plants

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Question: which plants to choose?

Hello I would like to put apricot, plum and cherry in the open ground. The land is located in San Bernardo sopra Bogliasco (Riviera di Levante Liguria) 200 meters above sea level. In winter the sun comes about 5 hours a day, from April to the end of September a lot more than 10/12. Having said that, could you send me news about for example period pruning pruning excavation treatment but absolutely organic? Thank you in advance.

Choice of fruit plants: Answer: choose fruit trees

Dear Corrado,
your soil seems ideal for a large number of fruit plants, since most of them do not fear frost, and they love a good amount of direct sunlight; considers that very early flowering plants, such as apricot trees (or even Japanese medlar trees, which bloom in autumn), are very afraid of late frost, and should therefore be placed in a place sheltered from the icy winter wind. Apart from this, the other plants, such as pear, apple, cherry, peach, plum, have no problem, and should develop best in your land. First of all you will have to work the land well, enriching it with manure, and preparing the holes at least a week in advance; when preparing the hole, place the manure on the bottom, and then cover it with fresh soil, so that the roots do not come into direct contact with the fertilizer. Laying is done in autumn or late winter, as long as the ground is not frozen; by planting the plants in a moment of vegetative rest, they are guaranteed the possibility of starting more quickly when spring arrives; the holes must be prepared in such a way as to place the plants at the same depth as they were in the nursery pot, no longer melting or rich which develop rot. The distance between the plants depends on the type of tree: thorns, pear trees and peach trees are small saplings, which at maturity will not exceed 3-4 meters in height, with little spread foliage; you can then position them a short distance, around 150-180 cm. The cherry trees instead become real trees, so you will have to leave them at least three meters or more around the stem. The apple and apricot trees will need at least a couple of meters of distance between them, a little more if you have space. The treatments against insects and fungal parasites are usually based on copper or sulfur, and begin at the end of winter, every month; avoiding the summer and the flowering period, to avoid disturbing the bees.


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