Spontaneous plant recognition

Spontaneous plant recognition

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Question: what plant is it?

Hi, I would like to ask you for information; in a vase of the terrace a plant was born spontaneously, you could kindly tell me which plant it is; I enclose the links of three photos. // // // Thanks in advance. Nico.

Spontaneous plant recognition: Answer: a seed plant

Dear Nico,
in your vase the portulaca oleracea is growing; unfortunately you're holding it in a poorly lit place, so it's producing very long stems and few flowers. It is in fact an annual succulent plant, which loves the direct sun and withstands heat and drought. Generally it is placed in the vases on the railing, in the trays that are used for geraniums, and it is used above all on the very exposed terraces, where geraniums and surfinie would suffer too much from the heat and the drought. The purses are easy to grow, they have a very long flowering and there are many varieties, with more or less large or double flowers, and with leaves ranging from those similar to cicciotti pine needles, to those with oval and flat leaves. , like yours. These plants tend to bloom a lot and produce many fertile seeds; for this reason, it often happens that every year new plants are obtained in the pots, from the seeds of the previous year, without having taken them, but simply because they have fallen from small plants. They are little plants that need very little care, also recommended in the sunny flowerbeds, and above all for those who tend not to have much free time to devote to the garden and the terrace.