November 2012

November 2012

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11 November 2012 Rome

11 November 2012 (Summer of St. Martin)
Workshop for children
We are pleased to invite you for the summer of S. Martino, Sunday 11 November 2012, from 10.30 am, to the Hortus Urbis, the ancient Roman vegetable garden in the Appia Antica Park.
Outdoor activities continue with "Il mythico teatrino", a workshop for children with simple ingredients: imagination, craftsmanship, history and nature. Starting from the myths of antiquity and from the plants of the garden the children will build their legends.
From 10.30 - The legendary theater by studioArturo
From 3 years (the presence of a parent is recommended) to 10
At 10.15 am registration
Participation fee: 5 euros per child (3 with Amici del Parco card)
Reservations by 6 pm on Friday 9 November: [email protected]
Please note that the area has a picnic area for those who wish to stay for lunch.
To arrive:
Hortus Urbis at the former Cartiera Latina, via Appia Antica, 42 or 50 (next to the fountain), Rome.

11 and 18 November, Serrapetrona Macerata

Open drying
On 11 and 18 November in Serrapetrona, a charming village in the province of Macerata, thousands of wine lovers will meet for the seventh edition of "Appassimenti Aperti" including tastings, visits to the winery and events. The kermesse curated by the consortium of Marche wines IMT wants to promote the culture of wine made in Marche and above all the enhancement of the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona Doc and Docg, a true flagship of regional wine production.
Serrapetrona (MC), September 2012 - A doc event dedicated to wine lovers, this is and much more "Appassimenti Aperti", a wine event of great appeal that has reached its 7th edition, which will be held in Serrapetrona on November 11 and 18 enchanting medieval village nestled between the Blue Mountains in the province of Macerata and famous for the production of Vernaccia. On the two Sundays of November the appointment is in the square of the Macerata city, where a free bus service will lead tourists and enthusiasts to visits to the cellars to discover the ancient art of vinification of this delicious nectar, handed down from father to son.
The event organized by the Marche Institute of protection of IMT wines will be the occasion to create a deep association between the territory and one of its symbolic products: the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona Doc and Docg in a unique atmosphere that will lead the visitor to the cellars, to the opportunity open to the public, which will reveal their "treasures". Whole walls of black Vernaccia bunches hung to wither will be the setting that will welcome tourists while letting themselves be seduced by the stories of the producers and their stories of tradition and passion that have been repeated for centuries.
Serrapetrona the custom of withering the grapes has now become a symbol of the territory to be proud of, since it is a primary characteristic for obtaining this unique wine, difficult to produce due to its complex processing phases: the DOCG is the only Italian red sparkling wine subjected to three fermentations, gaining a unique and unmistakable aroma. A part of the grapes is vinified at the time of harvest, the remaining, at least 40%, is left to wither. By the middle of January the grapes are pressed and at the end of the month the last phase begins, the most delicate, which consists in the union of the must obtained from the grapes dried with the base wine.

18 November Quistini Castle Rovato Brescia

Pruning course in the castle of roses
An afternoon in a beautiful location in Franciacorta for all green lovers to learn about techniques and tips for proper pruning
Autumn is known, it is a period of rest for many varieties of plants, and for those who take care of their care it marks, before the long Winter, the beginning of the cutting and thinning operations to favor the correct development of a compact vegetation and help the plant grow in the best way.
In order to know how to prepare the garden and obtain an excellent spring recovery and to know, the correct techniques of pruning roses, fruit plants, hedges and ornamental bushes, Castello Quistini organizes for Sunday November 18th a theoretical-practical course with scissors in hand dedicated to the deepening of the correct interventions on the plants with practical tests on the field: techniques and rules to avoid mistakes and get the most from your plants.
The course, aimed at enthusiasts and the curious, will be held by Silvano Torri, a true expert in the field and owner of the homonymous farm based in Botticino, and will take place in a single afternoon from 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm between the gardens and the over 1500 varieties of roses in a unique location: Castello Quistini, a historic residence with a botanical garden in the Province of Brescia, which for an afternoon will offer participants the chance to experience the techniques learned directly on the plants in the garden.
For details regarding the course and to register, visit the website of Castello Quistini Castello Quistini is also present and very active on the Facebook page that you can find at this address:
Quistini Castle
Via Sopramura 3 / A
25038 Rovato (Bs)

22-23 November Varese

International conference on the culture, philosophy and technique of trees
22 - 23 November 2012
Varese, Ville Ponti Congress Center
On November 22nd and 23rd 2012, in Varese, at the Ville Ponti Congress Center, the first international conference “I Monumentali. Culture, philosophy and technique of monumental trees ", promoted and organized by M.A.I. (Modern Arboriculture Institute) and the Municipality of Varese and in collaboration with the Lombardy Region and the Varese Chamber of Commerce.
The main experts of the sector will participate as well as speakers of international renown who will present an overview of the conditions of monumental trees in the various global ecosystems and the historical and cultural importance of these tree specimens.
The conference is divided into two parts: the first part aims to bring out the strong historical, social and cultural value of the trees and sees the participation of leading personalities from the world of arboriculture and Italian and international naturalistic culture , as, to name just a few, the legendary Julia "Butterfly" Hill, the American girl who lived in a sequoia for two years to prevent her from being slaughtered and gave life to American environmental movements; Tiziano Fratus, writer and poet, homo-radix, also known as "the seeker of trees"; Francesco Decembrini, renowned and appreciated Italian landscape artist and the English Ted Green, founder of the Veteran Tree Association. The second part, instead, will have a more technical cut: the speakers, leading figures in the international scientific panorama, will take stock of current biological knowledge and future prospects. In particular, the speakers include: Francis Schwarze, with a report on the relationship between mushrooms and trees; the German Lothar Wessolly, one of the leading experts on plant statics who will report his studies aimed at safeguarding the secular Anna Frankest horse chestnut tree in Amsterdam; Fay Neville, English expert in veterans specific care; Michele Cirulli, President of the Italian Arboriculture Society and the Czech Jaroslav Kolarik of the University of Brno, expert in censuses and field surveys.
demonstration workshops of care and study at the Estensi Gardens of Varese and the park of Ville Ponti - "Pro Arbora" itineraries, discovering the botanical paths developed in the homonymous project - exhibition / exhibition of painting and photography entitled "The monumental in the 'art ", shopping in the shops of Varese with showcases dedicated to the trees" I monumentali in vetrina "- show / readings for" The monumental in literature and poetry "- concert with the Varese student youth orchestra - ecology prize" Salvatore Fury". The conference is organized as part of the "Pro Arbora" Project - INTERREG Program for Italy-Switzerland cross-border cooperation, which has M.A.I. (Modern Arboriculture Institute) and as a partner the A.S.R. (Rural Development Association) and Jardin Suisse (an association that brings together professional gardeners from the Canton Ticino, founded in 1932).
PARTICIPATION IN THE CONFERENCE IS FREE AND FREE, WITH REGISTRATION. Simultaneous translation of the interventions is foreseen and it will be possible to take advantage of agreements with hotels and restaurants in the city.
Students will be provided with didactic material, a certificate of attendance and the credits of the Order of Agronomists and Foresters.
All seminars and workshops within the conference are organized according to the method certified by ISO 9001.
Tel. +39 0332 241316
Fax + 39 0332 830990
[email protected]