Educate prebonsai

Educate prebonsai

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Question: when can I start working on a prebonsai?

Hello :)
I recently planted two weeping willow cuttings and I would like to know how much I have to wait before starting to educate future plants that will grow (if they can take root).

Educate prebonsai: Answer: the Prebonsai

Dear Reader,
often bonsaists prepare plants from cuttings or layering, because in this way it is faster to obtain prebonsai, rather than starting from sowing; clearly, the operations that are carried out when you want to give shape to a bonsai, such as pruning or affixing of the metal wire, all go to stress the plant a little; for this reason it is important that they are carried out only on healthy and well developed specimens, otherwise they can lead to premature death of the small shrub or tree. So it is essential that your prebonsai have already developed a radical apparatus worthy of the name, before you can think of changing its shape. Therefore, once the cuttings show that they have rooted (generally they begin to develop new foliage), they are re-potted in individual jars, with a good soil mixed with akadama; place them in partial shade, where they can enjoy a few hours of direct sunlight. After a few months, when the seedlings show to be healthy, free of diseases, well vigorous and well anchored to the ground, you can begin to conform them to your desires. The development period can be as little as a month, or two, depending on your plants and the cuttings you have prepared, and how you are treating them. If the cuttings root quickly, and quickly begin to develop many buds, you can also start pinching the shoots after a few weeks. Unfortunately it depends a lot on the result you will get from the cuttings you have prepared.