Green pruning

Green pruning

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Green pruning:

The green pruning is that pruning carried out in late spring or in summer; it is called green as it intervenes on plants that have already carried out most of their most dense growth in spring, and therefore are already luxuriant and full of foliage. It is done in particular on plants that have a very luxuriant development, such as hedge plants, creepers, and some fruit trees, such as kiwi, peach, citrus. It intervenes by removing the suckers, at the base of the stem or on the larger branches, and the basal suckers; it is also important to trim the branches that come out of the line of the foliage, to favor the production of lateral branches and to keep the bushes thick and dense, and also to lighten the plant. In addition to this, especially in the plants that bear fruits (such as kiwis), small and weak branches are removed, which bear a strong shading of the inner part of the foliage; in the case of fruit trees, with this type of pruning we try to make the fruits better exposed to the sun, so that they ripen evenly.