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Acmea trifasciata is a typical houseplant, belonging to the bromeliad family; It is native to South America, and is epiphytic, meaning that its roots do not sink into the soil, but into an incoherent substratum, consisting of pieces of bark and peat. They are very decorative plants, with large stiff and fleshy leaves, arranged in a rosette; they prefer semi-shady positions, as the strong direct insolation can lead to dark burns on the foliage. From the center of the rosette rises a colored inflorescence, among whose pink bracts small lilac or white flowers bloom; when the inflorescence has finished its flowering, the plant slowly dries up, producing small seedlings at the base, which will develop at the expense of the mother plant, can be left in the main vase, or can be detached and grown individually. The acmee do not need too frequent watering, it is sufficient to moisten the soil periodically, and we fill the glass with water between the leaves. Every week we empty the glass, turning the plant upside down, and fill it with fresh, clean water.