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Thyme, thymus vulgaris, is an aromatic plant of Mediterranean origin, whose leaves are generally used fresh or dried, very fragrant. It is a perennial plant, which produces a beautiful compact carpet, with small dark green leaves, and decorated with pinkish flowers in spring and summer; there are many varieties of thyme, with variegated leaves, yellow or greyish, the dense and compact habit makes this plant suitable also for flower beds, or for pots on the terrace, to be cultivated also as an ornamental plant. Thyme is a plant that must be placed in the sun, in a well-ventilated place, otherwise it tends to develop in an excessively long way, and the leaves lose their aroma. Watering is provided only when the soil is well dry, and in particular in particularly dry periods. Most of the most widespread varieties do not fear the cold and the frost, but often it is necessary to provide a pruning in late winter, to remove the branches ruined by frost or bad weather, and to favor the development of a low and dense shrub of vegetation.