To cultivate the apple tree

To cultivate the apple tree

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To cultivate the apple tree:

The apple tree, malus communis, is a plant of easy cultivation. It is planted in a sunny place; foreseeing that the plant will reach 3-4 meters in height and in diameter of the crown where it can enjoy the necessary space, possibly in a place sheltered from the winter winds. Before placing the plant we enrich the soil with organic fertilizer, and we work the soil well, removing weeds and breaking the hardest and most compact clods. Once the plant is in place, we water thoroughly; in the following months the plant will enjoy the rain water, and will need watering only with a prolonged summer drought. The prunings are practiced in late winter, are generally of slight entity, and are suitable only to remove the damaged, excessively thin, or stunted growth branches; in specimens of some years in general pruning may not be necessary, although it is advisable to shorten the more vigorous branches slightly at the end of winter or autumn. At the end of winter, a Bordeaux mixture treatment is also practiced, in order to prevent the onset of the most common fungal diseases. To eradicate the main animal pests before flowering, systemic insecticides are applied to the broad-spectrum insecticides, which are then absorbed by the plant's tissues. During the growing season it is good to supply granular fertilizer at the base of the plant; before mixing this fertilizer to the soil it is good to weed the area around the stem, removing weeds.


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