Repair the sown field

Repair the sown field

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Repair the sown field:

The seeds for germination need a certain temperature, as far as the plants we plant in the garden we usually prefer, in order to germinate, temperatures above 10 ° C; to be able to sow salad, onions, carrots and other vegetables also in autumn or at the end of winter, directly in the garden, we will have to provide a correct covering, in order to avoid that the seeds are completely exposed to the bad weather. Generally we proceed by sowing the field as usual, and then we cover the whole field, after having moistened it, with the woven fabric, which will be fixed to the sides of the plot with stones or stakes or metal jumpers. This protection allows to periodically water the seeds without having to remove it, and also protects the seeds, as well as from the cold, even from animals and insects.