Trim the lawn

Trim the lawn

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Trim the lawn:

Sometimes it is not enough to have a lawnmower to keep the lawn tidy, the edges and areas between the plants are often inaccessible; if we don't want to get ready to cut the grass in these areas by hand, with a long shear, we will have to use the brush cutter. It is a long instrument with a rotating wire at the bottom, which quickly removes the grass even in the most difficult and small areas.
The wire is free, so the angle at which we hold the brushcutter is very important: it is good to try to keep the bottom of the brushcutter parallel to the ground, so that the wire cuts the grass correctly; if we keep the brushcutter in an excessively angled position we can make the thread crawl on the ground, in this way we will not cut the grass but remove its rhizomes, with obvious damage to the turf.
The wire deteriorates progressively, so it is important to replace it periodically, to have a cut that is always clean.


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