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Question: weeds

I have been planting a lawn (festuca) for about two months already. Within a short time a lot of weeds have grown up that I do not know the name (it is thin and mingles with the lawn). Is there a remedy or herbicide to avoid all this? Thanks for the reply

Answer: weeds

Dear Enzo,
generally on the turf infesting plants selective products are used, to be spread on the mantle of grass; unfortunately in your case they are not usable, as these herbicides work on weeds with a broad, roundish leaf, such as the bad pest; on your lawn, where the weeds have linear leaves, similar in shape to those of the turf, you can instead use an anti-germinating herbicide: it is a herbicide that inhibits the development of young plants, and the germination of their seeds. Clearly this type of herbicide must be used before re-seeding, because if the plants of our lawn are tiny, recently germinated, the herbicide will also work on them. Then proceed in autumn or late winter, spreading the product, which is generally in wettable granules, on the turf, and then water it abundantly, to make it penetrate into the ground, and to wash it away from the grass; this is because if this type of herbicide remains on the leaves of grass, it can cause even striking burns. The action of the antigerminello lasts about a week, ten days; therefore, after having inhibited the development of most of the lawn weeds, with broad leaves and thin leaves, we will be able to re-seed our turf and fertilize it. Generally we avoid doing interventions with this type of herbicide that are not carried out in summer or in winter, but only when the weeds are at the beginning of their vegetative growth, or at the end of winter, or early spring, or at the beginning of autumn.