Araucaria to move

Araucaria to move

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Question: how do I move an araucaria?

kind editorial staff, I have in the garden a beautiful specimen of araucaria about 20 years old. I wanted to ask you if it is possible to transfer it from one place to another. The specimen is more than 5 meters high and has a radius of about 2 meters. Thanks

Araucaria to move: Answer: move a tree

Dear Marco,
I believe that his araucaria, being so large, is grown in the ground, and not in pots; therefore it must not be transferred, but eradicated and moved. In general, this type of operation can be carried out without necessarily causing damage to the tree, but caution must be taken, and there is always the risk that the tree does not respond well to transplanting, or due to actual damage suffered during explant, or simply due to stress, especially water, which can occur in these cases. The araucaria is a real tree; it has slow growth, but with the passing of the years it can reach decidedly remarkable dimensions, up to exceed the 30 meters of height (clear, it depends on the ground in which it is placed and on the climate). To move a tree, without causing serious damage, it is first necessary to wait for it to be in vegetative rest; for example the most suitable period is autumn or winter, provided that in the place where you live the snow does not fall or it does not freeze very intensely, in which case you prefer autumn, or even summer, but the great heat and the drought are already testing your plant, so there is no need to add more stress to that already present. After waiting for the right moment, it is necessary to try to eradicate most of the root system; in the case of the araucaria, its roots are generally not very deep, but they create a rather wide spider web, generally as wide as the crown; therefore, with a tree of about five meters, you will have a root system about 3 meters wide. You will then have to dig a large hole, all around the trunk, with a diameter of at least two meters (if it were more it would be better, but I understand that it is a job already quite complicated), digging deep for about 150-200 cm. Once this is done, you will have to harness the tree and have it lifted by a crane or an excavator, so as to position it in the place decided for moving. This is a very heavy and demanding job, I think it is appropriate to contact a nursery so that they can provide you with all the necessary information.