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Question: kiwi

hi, my question for you will surely be simple but complicated for me, I planted 2 kiwi plants I was told that I am a boy and a girl but 4 years have already passed and I still don't see any flowers or fruits ... what I have to do???

Answer: kiwi

Dear Concetta,
it happens that sometimes the kiwi plants, actinidia chinensis, do not produce flowers, and consequently not even fruits; the first cause is generally the age of plants: young plants, which are less than 3-4 years old, often produce a good quantity of leaves and branches, leaving out the production of flowers; it is therefore normal for very young plants not to flower. This behavior is accentuated, and can also be repeated in subsequent years, in the case in which large quantities of fertilizer rich in nitrogen are supplied, as is the case with the manure: if in the autumn we provide a manure-based fertilizer, the spring fertilization will be done with products rich in potassium and phosphorus, less in nitrogen, to avoid stimulating excessive production of new leaves and branches. Another reason for the lack of flowering could also be pruning, if it is too drastic, the future flower buds will also be removed, with a consequent lack of flowers and fruits. Another reason could be the lack of lighting; It is true that in many parts of Italy it is advisable to place the kiwis in places sheltered from the wind, but in doing so you also risk finding a poorly sunny position, where the plants do not bloom; indeed it happens that kiwi plants, cultivated in pots on the terrace, tend not to bloom, not because they are not healthy and luxuriant, but simply because the terrace provides an excessive shading. The kiwis are not difficult to cultivate, it is sufficient to follow some simple rules, which also include a regular watering, especially when the plants are in full vegetative growth: a poor watering precisely in the period in which the plants are producing the first leaves can also bring at the fall of flower buds, before they could swell.