Azalea cultivation

Azalea cultivation

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Azalea cultivation:

Azaleas are small or medium-sized shrubs; there are species of garden and species of apartment.
Outdoor shrubs are placed in a cool, not excessively sunny, place; they need watering during the summer, from March to September, avoiding excesses, and suspending water supplies during the flowering period.
Indoor species fear the cold, and should be grown in a bright place, with minimum temperatures above 12 ° C; they need a fresh and perpetually wet soil, but not soaked in water; when watering we avoid in any way to hit the flowers, which tend to wither quickly if wet.
All species of azalea need specific soil for acidophilic plants, consisting mainly of peat and leaf mold; if the foliage appears yellowed it often means that the plant is affected by chlorosis, and it needs soaking fertilizer.
There are few cultivation treatments for azaleas: after flowering we remove withered flowers, which, especially on indoor plants, tend to rot easily, causing mold or rot that can extend to the entire plant.
After flowering it is also advisable to trim the plant, removing about a quarter or a fifth of each branch, in this way it favors a more compact and dense growth of the plant and the development of shoots even in the lower areas of the stems.