Prune a creeper

Prune a creeper

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Prune a creeper:

Climbing plants are generally very robust and vigorous and produce very long branches, even during a single vegetative season.
For this reason it is often necessary to prune them several times a year.
In general, the first pruning takes place in autumn or spring; in principle we will be able in autumn the evergreen plants and in any case all the leaf creepers, in addition to the flowering creepers that produce flowers on the branches of the previous year. At the end of winter / spring we will be able to produce all those flowering vines that produce buds on new branches.
This first pruning can also be very drastic, especially if it concerns potted plants; in this way we will favor a more dense and luxuriant development, favoring the production of a large number of shoots on each branch cropped.
Afterwards, a second pruning is performed after flowering, and it will be done by shortening all the branches that have bloomed by about a third.
In the rest of the growing season we can practice other prunings, especially if our climber is very vigorous; we will go above all to shorten the branches that tend to stretch much upwards, without producing new shoots in the lower part. In this way our climber will always remain lush and dense, and the lower branches will not be empty.