Fioriturta bouganvillee

Fioriturta bouganvillee

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Question: fioriturta bouganvillee

my bougainvillea ... white ... purple don't bloom while being in the sun and fertilizing ... only the red one has bloomed ... why?

Answer: fioriturta bouganvillee

Dear Rose,
the bougainvillea are very vigorous and floriferous climbing plants, but they are also quite demanding. To flower they need the correct exposure, and this is not some occasional moment of direct sunlight, but of several hours every day, with a beautiful bright sun. In addition to this, like climbing piers, they need a good fresh soil, deep and rich in mineral salts; nitrogen to stimulate the development of vegetation; potassium to promote flowering; phosphorus to have a well-developed root system; microelements, to have a healthy plant. Another element that can cause poor flowering is pruning: even small prunings can go to shorten the branches that carried the flowers, causing a total absence of buds. Generally these creepers are not pruned at all. Occasionally it may also be the climate that causes a lack of flowers; your bougainvillea, despite being in the same garden, will hardly enjoy the same identical exposure conditions; it can be, during particularly cold or windy spring, that the cold air goes to ruin the buds, depressing the flowering. Or again, it may be that a very sheltered exposure, with plants that cannot stand a cold winter, with the right period of vegetative rest, causes the total lack of flowering.