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Question: Can I use it as a manure?

hi, a kindly info: can the dog poop be used as fertilizer?

Stallatic: Answer: manure

Dear Alberto,
animal droppings have a high nitrogen content; unfortunately, this precious element is harmful if used when the droppings are fresh, because concentrations and volatility are excessive, and therefore instead of functioning as a fertilizer, it works instead like a herbicide, and in jargon you will hear it say that it burns the plants. Generally, manure, or the product of cleaning stables, is used as fertilizer; if you happen to go to the country, you'll notice outside the pools of small manure hills, which is "maturing"; in essence it is as if it is manure it was required to compost for months, so that any pathogenic organisms, or intestinal parasites, die; this waiting period also elapses because it expects the volatile substances present in the excrement to become free in the ara, and the product becomes a true fertilizer. So to your question, the answer is no, you can't use dog excrement as a fertilizer, unless you have a chance to pile it up and keep it maturing for a few months.