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Move Cactus

Move Cactus

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Question: Move Cactus

Hi, I found this site and try to ask here. We have recently bought a house with a garden and there is a cactus in the garden. Now the problem is that it has grown a lot ... both in height and in thickness. Next to it is the neighbors' garden and they have 2 children, while above is the neighbor's terrace.
There is a risk both for the children to sting and for the neighbors above to not be able to stretch because the cactus would tear the stuff out ... we would like to move it to another part of the garden, but we don't know how to do it. At the same time we would be sorry to have to remove it. Can you give me some info on how to move it (so as not to get stung, to be able to move it well even if it is big and heavy)? Thanks, Lorenzo.

Answer: Move Cactus

Dear Lorenzo,
in fact I imagine it is very complicated to move a cactus, especially if it is large; keep in mind first of all that you will have to move it to an area of ​​the garden where it enjoys similar climatic conditions to those it finds in the place where it is now, therefore the same hours of light, the same exposure to the wind, the same water from the weather. Once the place has been chosen, it would be advisable to improve the drainage of the soil in the new planting area, adding sand or gravel to the ground if necessary. Once this is done, you will excavate around the base of the cactus, about 30-40 cm from the stem, so as to be able to locate the earthen bread around the roots. To avoid puncturing, and ruining the cactus, it is good to wrap it with material that makes it graspable. In general, part of the trunk is covered with polystyrene sheets, so that the thorns sink into the material, which in this way prevents them from cracking; outside the polystyrene you can also put a few rounds of packaging paper, the plastic one with bubbles. Once wrapped up in this way the cactus should be movable, but it depends a lot on the size of the plant. IF you start by highlighting the clod below the ground, it will then become easier to extract the cactus and uproot it; it is placed at home and then the whole coat prepared for moving is removed.