Sow dicondra

Sow dicondra

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Question: sow dicondra

I live in a condominium in Rome, the paving of the parking lot is of bricks (betonella) a condominium would like to sow the dicondra in the spaces between the bricks, can it work?, How should we proceed? the cars that circulate there above what does it involve ?. Thanks

Answer: sow dicondra

Dear Easter,
the dichondra is a small plant used for grassy carpets, characterized by roundish foliage; therefore the final result is decidedly different from the classic English lawn. Despite this, the dichondra is widely used, because a dichondra lawn is definitely very pleasant, in addition to this it is a low maintenance turf, as the seedlings are prostrate, and therefore do not require regular mowing. In addition to this the dichondra also develops in areas little appreciated by the common plants for the grass, such as shaded areas, or between the spaces of the tiles for parking lots. It has only one defect, sometimes it takes a little time to settle; therefore it is often necessary to repeat the sowing, before being able to see the dense and compact lawn. In addition to this, since it is an area where cars also pass, consider that small plants will initially be slightly damaged by the wheels, especially when they have just germinated. It is fundamental to sow in a cool and humid period, for example spring or autumn; this is because most of the seeds prefer regular watering in the first periods of development, and with a cool and damp climate on one side it will not be necessary to water every day; on the other hand, the typical rains of these seasons will help you a lot, allowing you not to have to think about watering every day or every other day.
Before sowing, you should weed, with a selective herbicide, or even by hand (depending on how large the parking lot is); in addition to this, it would be advisable to place good quality soil among the bricks: in the nursery you can easily find the soil suitable for turf, which besides being rich and soft, is also lightened with sand, and generally contains special fertilizers that stimulate seed germination. So the soil will be spread all over the parking lot, water will be poured and then the seeds will be placed between the cracks in the bricks.