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Question: eggplant

Do the eggplant plants that are about to ripen the fruit have to be cimate? and should the leaves at the base of the plant be cut?

Answer: eggplant

Dear Anna,
often the eggplants are grown like tomatoes, or with the passing of the weeks, the lateral jets are removed, that is the sprouts that sprout below the leaves, and when the plant already presents 4-5 fruits, the top, so that it remains no more than thirty centimeters high. This prevents the plant from trying to develop much vegetation, to the detriment of the size of the fruit. Therefore, the topping is very beneficial to aubergines, but only if it is done when the plants already have the fruits; in fact many people who cultivate aubergines in the garden do not trim them, this is because they have planted a variety that tends not to grow very high, and therefore does not need to be trimmed. The same is true for tomatoes, and indeed very often there are small tomato plants, which a developed crop will not cimate. In addition to topping, I remind you that aubergines are plants originating from semi-tropical areas, and therefore, to have big fruits and with few seeds, it will be necessary to water them regularly and abundantly, avoiding to leave them exposed for days to summer drought. As for the leaves placed in the lower part, they must be cut only if they show a beginning of desiccation, or if they are ruined.