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Lemon plants

Lemon plants

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Question: lemon plants

Hi, since I would like to do a lemon plantation, I would like to know how far they should be placed one from the other thanks

Answer: lemon plants

Dear Maurizio,
although we are used to seeing small lemon trees in the nursery, suitable to be cultivated in pots on the terrace, the lemon is a real fruit tree; lemons have a fairly slow development, but can reach 3-4 meters in height, once mature, and their foliage becomes just as wide; therefore, in preparing a lemon orchard you will need to consider about 3-4 meters of distance between each plant, so that future foliage does not intertwine. Very important is that the lemons are at a right distance, because only in this way the whole hair, and therefore all the fruits, can be directly exposed to direct sunlight. However, consider that to get a citrus fruit orchard, in full production, it takes a few years of patience, and often even the fruits are not harvested when they are in low numbers, or not yet of excellent quality. The soil for the plant must also be prepared a week before, working it thoroughly, enriching it with a little manure, and if necessary making it softer and more permeable by adding washed river sand. Lemons are trees of tropical origin, and they love a warm and humid climate; for this reason, in Italian crops, we tend to water them regularly. Since you still have to prepare your citrus fruit, start by thinking of a drip irrigation system, so you can easily water your new lemon trees.