Carmona bonsai withered flowers

Carmona bonsai withered flowers

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Question: Carmona bonsai withered flowers

Hi, I'm Angela and in April of this year I bought a bonsai of the Carmona Microphilla species. I put some specific soil for bonsai and I regularly give it lapiantina. This month he started giving me white flowers, but unfortunately after 2 days they fade. I thought that CIO was linked to the fact that I sprayed the leaves and then for a couple of days I put the water only in the soil but nothing to do, 2 days and the flowers wither. How can I solve the problem? What can it be? Thanks in advance for the answers.

Answer: Carmona bonsai withered flowers

Dear Angela,
congratulations for your Carmona, it is a shrub of Asian origins, and it is not always easy for a bonsaist to keep a carmona healthy, due to the climate that often turns out to be excessively dry, especially during the summer months. The good health of your carmona is manifested by the flowering, which many bonsaists consider a chimera, as they have never been able to obtain it on their small plants. Having said that, I have bad news for you: the carmona has a very short flowering period; surely the vaporization of the foliage leads to a premature deterioration of the flowers, but in any case, from the bud to the withered flower usually spend about 2-3 days. Carmona specimens are in fact not cultivated to enjoy their flowering, since the flowers are very small, and of short duration; it is usually chosen for the beautiful glossy foliage, and only occasionally for the tiny purple berries that follow the bloom. There are other flower bonsai, which can offer a longer flowering and greater satisfaction. Those who love flowers, and prolonged or very showy blooms, generally choose azaleas or rhododendrons, or even beautiful lagerstroemias, which bloom throughout the summer. For the showy spring blooms there are the prunus and the flowering apple trees, but also in this case, from the buds to the withered flowers often it doesn't pass more than a week. For apartment bonsai, gardenias are very popular, as they carry their fragrant flowers for several weeks. Among the deciduous plants chaenomeles (or Japanese quince) or even the quince are decidedly among the most spectacular, also because they often produce their rosy flowers before the plant begins to produce the spring leaves.