Vegetable garden

Vegetable garden

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Vegetable garden:

In the section dedicated to the vegetable garden, you will find all the plant leaflets that are most commonly planted in the family vegetable garden, and cultivation suggestions, so that you too can get the healthiest vegetables in your garden. Preparing the vegetable garden is a relaxing and fun activity, and also rewarding, because with the right suggestions, you can begin to harvest the fruits of your labor in just a few weeks. The advantage of a family garden also derives from the fact that you decide whether to use chemicals on your vegetables, or if you want to keep your garden completely organic; and vegetables are certainly always fresh, from the producer to the consumer. For the more passionate, in the section dedicated to the vegetable garden, you will also find some small guides, which will guide you step by step in the winter sowing, in the preparation of tunnels and greenhouses, in the disinfestation of the soil from pests and weeds.


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