Magnolia with caudal leaves

Magnolia with caudal leaves

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Magnolia with cauche leaves:

The genus Magnolia has many species, among the most cultivated there are certainly the deciduous magnolias, and in particular the magnolia stellata and the magnolia soulangeana (hybrid of French origins). These are slow-growing shrubs, which over the years can reach the size of a small tree, up to 2-3 meters high.
They settle in a sunny place, where they can enjoy a few hours of shade, in the hottest periods of the day.
They need a deep fresh soil, very well drained, possibly slightly acid; shrubs that have recently settled down need watering during the warm months, and especially during the period of flowering and foliage formation, if the spring climate is scarcely rainy. In any case, avoid water stagnation, and then water only in case of very dry soil.
At the end of winter, during flowering, we spread at the foot of the shrub a slow release granular fertilizer, which will melt with rain and watering