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Succulents in summer

Succulents in summer

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Question: succulents in the summer

If in summer I keep cacti-like plants inside, in the place where I kept my apartment plants in winter, will they die? There is no direct light, but discreet lighting. Thanks

Answer: succulents in the summer

Gentile Gerarda,
the cacti are succulent plants, originating from the American continent; they develop in arid or predesertic zones, characterized by long warm and dry seasons, interspersed with short fresh periods and with scarce rains. These plants have adapted to survive in conditions of full sunlight, and long periods of drought. If you bring them home, they tend to have bizarre and unusual developmental behaviors, which can eventually lead to death. The first and most characteristic problem that develops in the absence of light is called etiolation, and it occurs for all plants: the lack of light leads the plant to develop very long, and to take on faded colors, because in the absence of light the Chlorophyll tends not to form. Another problem that occurs in the absence of light, especially with the passing of months, consists in a sort of embalming of the plants themselves: in unfavorable climatic or light conditions, succulent plants and cacti tend to enter a period of rest vegetative; if this climate lasts for months, the plant remains in a sort of stasis for months, with obvious problems regarding its tissues, which perish without us realizing it. The result is that instead of developing, flowering and growing, the cacti held in the house stop, and as soon as we move them or water them a little more, they perish very quickly. Home-grown cacti, in addition to having little light, also have poor ventilation, which causes the undisturbed development of a long series of parasites. So I don't see why you should keep your cacti at home, in a dim place; also consider that these plants have a fairly short period of vegetative development, and you want to close them at home during this period; the result will surely be to obtain sickly and poorly developed plants.