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Question: pitosforo

four years ago I planted 4 plants of pitosforo, the classic one of the hedges. They enjoy sunshine, they are lush and grow well. The problem is that only one of the four plants blooms. No flowers, no perfume !! What to do?

Answer: pitosforo

Dear Luigi Maria,
the pittosporums are vigorous and easy to grow shrubs, which come from Asia and Africa; there are many pitosfori in Italian gardens, and also in the city gardens, precisely because they tend to develop well even without being particularly followed. Generally the shrubs of pitosforo begin to bloom when they are adults, and therefore it is not infrequent that shrubs that are still young, or very small, tend to carry very few buds, or even none. In addition to this, after pruning at the end of the winter, most of the flowering buds are removed, leaving the dense and dense, but completely lacking in the small perfumed stars that characterize them. In fact, having four pitosfori, I believe that these shrubs share age and type and timing of pruning, so the problem would seem not to be this. The pitosfori are shrubs that do not require great cultivation care, and tend to develop well even in particular conditions, such as periods of drought, scarce fertilizations, poor care. In particular, it seems that some shrubs tend not to flower, if they are cared for too much: regular watering, excessive fertilization, generally have the result of stopping the flowering. To have so many flowers, it is advisable to reduce the amount of fertilizer and water only in case of real need, such as during long periods of summer drought, without exceeding, because these shrubs do not like in any way the excesses of watering and water stagnation.