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Question: Kaki

I planted a khaki plant in the spring and in these days I notice several flowers that are still green and have fallen to the ground while others remain on the tree. On the tree, about 2 meters high, little remains.

Answer: Kaki

Dear Mauro,
in the nursery, small fruit trees are usually sold, which are usually around 2-3 years old; It is true that at this age most of the fruit plants are certainly ready to begin to flower, and perhaps also to ripen some fruit. But surely it is not a matter of adult plants, which can bring an entire crop to fruition; before it can bear fruit in a useful way, it is necessary that it has been at home for at least a few years, for khaki usually only two bottles are needed, not of plant life, but of positioning in your garden. It therefore commonly happens that the first, and also the second (and perhaps also the third) flowering of a khaki tree bears no fruit, or perhaps only a couple. This is a common event, so it is not necessary to worry; it is different if all the flowers of a tree already grown fall; in that case it is generally a matter of cultural or climatic problems, such as excessive cold or heat, or drought or excessive quantity of water in the soil. The flowering usually takes place also in a young khaki plant, and considers that the diospiro plants also produce (often only) parthenocarpic fruits, that is that they are not the result of pollination. Wait patiently; if your sapling this year will produce even just a couple of fruits, you can already consider it a great success.