Terrace climbing plant

Terrace climbing plant

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Question: Climbing plant for terrace

Good morning!
I have a terrace in the province of Naples 100 meters above sea level facing south in full sun.
I would like an advice for an evergreen climbing plant with white fragrant flowers on a horizontal pergola.

Answer: Climbing plant for terrace

Dear Catherine,
you are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and not just for the natural beauty you can find around you, but also for the climate; surely many of the Po valley gardens envy you the warm sun of Naples, which warms the garden even in the middle of winter. In your garden you can plant many plants, even some of those that we consider a little exotic, without fearing that they suffer in cold during the most rigid seasons. The first climber you think of when you read it at your request is jasmine: a widespread plant grown in Italy, of Asian origin. But, face that where you live, the climate is so mild, you might think of planting a "normal" jasmine, with which to cover most of the pergola, and then, next to it, in the lower part you could also place a Sambac jasmine ; it is a candid jasmine, which has a semi-climbing development, a little less vigorous than the "usual" jasmine. The varieties "Belle of India" and "Grand Duke of Tuscany", however, present an incredible flowering, the first with flowers similar to large white stars, the second with flowers similar to small roses, camellias, gardenias. All with the incredible scent of jasmine. Sheltered by the shade produced by the pergola, you can also insert a particular plant, not perfumed, but with beautiful flowers, it is called Lapageria, and there is also a variety with a white flower; lapageries produce buds similar to large bells, are evergreen, and withstand temperatures close to -5 ° C, unfortunately they do not like the summer sun very much, but you can think of positioning one next to jasmine, which will protect it from the hot summer sun.
Honeysuckles, climbing plants of the lonicera genus, are also very beautiful; the common honeysuckle has white flowers and cream, with an incredible fragrance and a vigor that allows it to be grown anywhere in Italy.
If the perfume is not completely fundamental to you you can also place a solanum jasminoides, with the small star-shaped flowers, arranged in white bunches. Or you can choose one of the many varieties of passionflower, they are not scented, but the flowers are splendid, and there are also completely white varieties. The same applies to the bougainvillea.