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Grow succulents in the garden

Grow succulents in the garden

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Question: succulents in the garden

I bought six plants, one different from the other, and I planted them in the garden of the house I have at the sea. I was wrong?

Growing succulents in the garden: Answer: succulents in the garden

Dear Gianfranco,
in general there are many species and varieties of succulents that can easily live in Italian gardens; if your beach house is located in the central south of the peninsula, even more so, as it will be more difficult for plants to get frost during the winter. In addition to this, the thing that is generally very annoying to succulent plants, when the climate is cold, is the water present in the soil. But usually, in the sea areas, the sun is hot even in winter, and it dries the soil well, in addition to this, the often very strong wind contributes further to dry the soil, allowing d plants to grow in the ground also of origin semi-desert, which would not survive the water typical of the winter of the Po valley (to cite a random place). So in theory your plants shouldn't have any problems. Certainly, not knowing what plants it is (size, foliage, type, species, variety) it is certainly very dependent on your luck, even if usually in nurseries they tend to sell plants that survive well in the place where the nursery is located. So, if the nurseryman, at the time of purchase, told you that the plants you chose could live in the garden, then you are on horseback; if your neighbors have similar plants, then the odds still rise. There are thousands of species of cactus and succulent plants, it is therefore difficult to give you certainties, because some of them also grow on the Italian Alps, while others are native to the semi desert areas of Texas, and it is therefore difficult for them to survive in Ladispoli.