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Scratched cherry

Scratched cherry

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Question: scratched cherry

hi, first of all congratulations for your site. A few months ago I planted a Bigarreau Van cherry tree in my garden, after a few days but the cat scratched the trunk, what can I do to eliminate them? besides, the tree had made flowers, but these have fallen, and they have not produced fruit, why?

Answer: scratched cherry

Dear Paola,
the cats tend to get their nails on the shaft of the trees, as they need this operation to shorten the claws in a comfortable and quick way; to make your cat desist you can try to buy a scratching post in jute, which in theory should please him more than the little tree, and therefore should leave off the growing little stem. The scratches made by the cat cannot be removed, if they are few, the plant will fill them with sticky resin, and with the development of the sapling they will tend to blend into the wrinkles of the bark that thickens and changes over time. As for the fall of the flowers, it often happens that a young tree does not bear even a flower, especially with regard to the cherry trees; these trees in fact need to have a certain age before they can bear fruit successfully; generally it takes trees that are at least 7-10 years old to have a significant harvest; in previous years it is possible that no flower is pollinated, or that only a few are pollinated.
The cherry then tends to be quite demanding, as hardly the flowers of a plant are self-fertile: more often it is necessary to have other cherry trees nearby; as long as some of your neighbors also have a single cherry tree, or else it will be necessary to plant another cherry tree close to the first one.