Lawn aeration

Lawn aeration

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Question: do we need aeration?

I have a problem on my lawn (I think) English, at the base of the lawn I find myself (caused over the years) a thick felting effect (cushion effect), which at the moment I go to cut it low, is not green but yellow unlike if I go to cut a little higher than the norm (about 4 cm) I see it green.
I ask you what I can do to restore my lawn without ruining it with a possible aeration, which would remove the felt, but I have the impression that doing this I would find myself a lawn that will no longer seem so.
Thanks for the help you can give me.

Lawn aeration: Answer: the winding

Dear Leonardo,
as you have well said, your lawn needs aeration: this operation is very healthy for the turf, as it removes all the dry leaves and the material that is deposited at the base of the grass blades, which therefore do not receive enough light, since they are obscured by decomposing waste material. In addition to this, the felt tends to become almost impermeable over the years, or better: it creates a thick and porous layer, which absorbs water, preventing it from penetrating into the ground, and then going to water the seedlings that make up the turf. Various types of instruments exist on the market for carrying out aeration, starting from pitchforks, up to equipment equipped with a combustion engine; It is clear that the wider your lawn is, the better it would be to use a simple and not very heavy tool. Generally in fairly large hobby shops, they rent electric or gas-powered scarifiers, which you can use for an afternoon. it gives you greater security regarding the safety of the blades of grass, which will not be scrambled or damaged.
After having removed the felt, in September it would also be advisable to spread some soil on the ground for grass and a little seed to make the lawn more compact. I assure you that the aeration does not ruin the turf, on the contrary, it makes it more beautiful and healthy. If you don't trust, or don't believe me, ask a gardener if he shows you when he is airing a lawn near your house.