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Tomato plant

Tomato plant

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Question: tomato plant

Hello, I have six tomato plants in pots and unfortunately they are almost covered with (it seems to me) small black gnats I would like to know what to do thanks.

Answer: tomato plant

Dear Enoch,
the gnats you see on your tomato plants could be aphids, in which case they will soon fill up on the shoots, and become a problem for the development of your plants; or they are just gnats, which in theory should not do anything to plants, unlike aphids, which instead live by sucking the sap from the leaves and stems of plants. So, if you see your plants wasting away, with yellowing leaves or ruined buds, intervene by treating them with a product based on pyrethrum, which will quickly kill the small aphids. If, on the other hand, the plants continue to develop without showing any signs of yellowing, then you can leave the gnats undisturbed; check that they do not come from the ground, because in this case it means that you are keeping it too humid, and therefore it is also forming mold and fungus; also check that your tomato seedlings are well in the sun, and in a ventilated place. If the gnats also, though not causing any damage to the plants, should still cause discomfort, the pyrethrum kills both aphids and gnats, because it is a broad-spectrum insecticide.