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Question: how to keep my zamioculcas upright?

Good morning. I have a roughly 5 year old Zamioculcas. It is kept indoors, in a not too bright position and is watered more or less once every 7/10 days. It has never been repotted. Apparently it looks healthy, but the branches - if not supported by tutors - tend to widen and fall, almost to the ground, as if they had no strength: braces aside, what can I do to make it invigorate so that the branches support themselves? ? Thanks

Zamioculcas: Answer: cultivate the zamioculcas

Dear Guia,
the zamioculcas is a succulent plant of South African origin, loves to be grown in very bright places, perhaps even with a few hours of hazy sun every day; does not like direct sunlight, especially during the hottest hours of the day, and above all does not like the excesses of watering. The behavior you describe generally occurs when a succulent plant receives too much water, too much fertilizer and does not receive enough light. I advise you to repot your plant, replacing all the soil with good soil for succulent plants, consisting of universal soil, mixed with a nice amount of sand or pumice stone, to make the compound more draining. The new container should not be excessively larger than the previous one, because zamioculcas do not like having so much space at their disposal. With a sharp knife remove all leaves that are not supported by themselves, to encourage the development of new leaves, which must be erect, turgid and very rigid. If you periodically provide fertilizer to your zamioculcas, check that it contains only small amounts of nitrogen, because excesses of this mineral salt cause the development of loose and not very fleshy vegetation. Watering is provided when the soil is dry; a general rule cannot therefore be given, as it depends on the climate, and where zamioculcas is cultivated. If possible find it a bright place, and in summer move it outdoors, always in a shaded but bright area. Avoid watering during the winter months, if not sporadically, and in any case, do it only if the soil has had the opportunity to dry well between two waterings, otherwise it refers to a few days.