Bonsai and other flower

Bonsai and other flower

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Question: bonsai and other flower

hello I am danilo and the first time that I am a bonsai and I would like to plant some lavender seed in the same pot with the bonsai, or some other flower that can coexist with the bonsai.what do you suggest me?

Answer: bonsai and other flower

Dear Danilo,
bonsai are shrubs or trees that are cultivated in small capacity pots, and pruned, so that they have an almost "miniaturized" development; they therefore have small amounts of land available, and it is very unwise to allow other plants to interfere with our bonsai, allowing them to stretch their roots in the pot along with the bonsai. Sometimes bonsai compositions are prepared, such as small groves, which consist exclusively of plants that share the same cultivation needs, and in fact they are usually plants of the same same species and variety. Those who participate in exhibitions and fairs often like to accompany bonsai trees with plants and herbs that have the same origins as the essence used as bonsai; these small plants are called shitakusa, and they usually stay in their small pot, to be placed next to the bonsai one. Inside the same vase in which you keep the bonsai you can try to place some moss plants, or even, if you wish, small ground cover plants, which give the impression of being the lush grass that grows at the foot of the tree: bonsai should be as similar as possible to a reconstruction of a natural landscape, and therefore you can use them to prepare a sort of diorama of a corner of the forest. For this type of accompaniment, plants with small foliage, or specially bonsaised, are used, although it is not so simple to beautify perennials. In the nursery, in the perennial plant section, you can find some varieties of sedum, sempervivum, or other ground cover plants, even if already tiny; these plants can be grown in the pot along with the bonsai, as their roots remain shallow, they do not sink into the ground; be careful, however, not to allow the accompanying plant to widen as you please. Also pay attention to the dictates of bonsaism: shitakusas must be prepared with plants that come from the area from which the bonsai they come with comes from.