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Question: apricot

how can I grow the apricot seedling from a hazel? Thank you

Apricot tree: Answer: apricot

Dear Pina,
to get an apricot tree (but also with peaches you can do the same way) just bury a stone in a vase; the stone is completely buried from a depth of about 3-4 centimeters, and the pot is watered regularly, when the soil is dry. The vase should be kept outdoors, in a fairly sheltered and bright place. Unfortunately, in general the kernels of these plants take several months before they can be penetrated by water, and therefore it is not said that already in spring you can see the shoot from your seed. In addition to this, it will take a few years before the tree grows enough to be able to bloom and bear fruit. You must then know that most of the fruit plants grown are hybrids, and therefore, the plant obtained from seed is very unlikely to produce fruits similar to those from which you took the seed; much more likely it will produce fruits of not excellent quality. In fact, however, when your plant will be large enough to be placed in the garden and then fructify, you can always evaluate the possibility of grafting it. In any nursery they generally have different types of fruit trees, of different varieties, with different characteristics; it is therefore certainly simpler to go to the nursery, explain to the nurseryman what are the characteristics we most appreciate in an apricot and advise us on the apricot that produces fruits similar to those we like so much. However, I understand how much more satisfying is to wait two or three years to see the plant that has been generated from the seed that we ourselves have gathered and planted.