Potting soil

Potting soil

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Question: what is happening to the land of my ficus?

Good morning, I would like some information, my ficus the bathroom but it doesn't hold water, it immediately comes out in the pot holder, what should I do? Greetings francesca

Soil for ficus: Answer: the earth of the vessels

Dear Francesca,
much depends on how long the ficus is in the same vase; if the plant has been in that pot for many years, it is probable that it has produced a large bread of roots, which essentially fills all the available space in the container; therefore in the vase there is no more earth, but practically only roots, and when you put water, it slips away because the roots do not absorb it instantaneously. If, on the other hand, the ficus is in that vase recently, for example two or three years, then it has been buried in a soil of very poor quality, which over time has given rise to a stiff and water-resistant earthen bread. In the first case, the time has come to repot the ficus, moving it into a much larger pot, which will be filled with a good universal soil. In the second case, before you can repot the ficus, to place it in a soil of better quality, you will have to wet the soil now present in the pot: place the pot in the bathtub, or in a large container, and fill up to the outer edge of the jar; leave the jar to soak until the earth has absorbed the water, until it gets wet on the surface. At this point, lift the pot out of the water and let it drain, the soil should have taken on a softer consistency, and it should be possible to replace it with better quality soil that lightly retains water, and does not become a completely cohesive rock. over time.
When we buy soil, especially if it is used for plants that will be placed in pots, and that therefore will have to live for months in that substratum, we try to spend a few euros more, to get the best soil possible; we avoid the bags on offer at the discount store.