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Fertilizer for fruit plants

Fertilizer for fruit plants

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Question: the fertilizer

I would like to know the fertilizer x fruit trees. thanks.

Fertilizer for fruit plants: Answer: fertilize the orchard

Dear Mauro,
fertilizing fruit trees is often overlooked, as it is impractical to evaluate the amount of product to be distributed for each tree, or sapling; the fertilizations for the fruit plants are practiced in different periods of the year, and they have different purposes, and therefore for each fertilization different products are used. In general an autumn fertilization is practiced, to prepare the ground for the coming spring; on this occasion a fertilizer rich in nitrogen is used, but with a slow release, therefore either a granular product, with a higher titre in nitrogen, than in phosphorus and potassium, or manure, which keeps the nitrogen available for a few months. As for the manure, I would say that about 3-5 liters can be sufficient for a medium-sized tree (flour manure, and non-manure pelleted, of which a handful is enough); it spreads around the stem, and is slightly interspersed with a hoe; instead of granular fertilizer it is difficult to decide the quantity, as each brand has its own titrations, so you will have to read the product label. Even the fertilization carried out at the end of winter is carried out with manure, or with slow-release granular fertilizer. When the plants have still immature fruits, a fertilization with fertilizer rich in potassium and also phosphorus, less rich in nitrogen, is practiced instead, since potassium improves the quality and the size of the fruits, while instead the nitrogen stimulates the development of buds and leaves. There are various types of fertilizers, some even foliar, meaning they must be dissolved in water and used to vaporize the trees; surely it is always convenient to use a slow release fertilizer, which is spread once and remains active for about 3-4 months. When choosing a fertilizer, if it is not manure, always check that together with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK), it also contains microelements, such as magnesium, copper, iron.