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Question: wisteria

good morning, four years ago I transplanted a small wisteria plant into the pot that grew in the garden with the intention of making it a sapling; the fertilizer and the bathroom regularly, it has grown very well, about one meter and seventy, it has a beautiful trunk and a beautiful thick head of bright leaves ... but not even the shadow of flowers! every year I hope to see the beautiful lilac bunch appear before the leaves, but again nothing, why? where did I go wrong? Thank you for your reply, dear greetings, Marina.

Answer: wisteria

Dear Marina,
the wisterias are magnificent creepers, with very minimal requirements; the only thing that limits its flowering is undoubtedly sun exposure: if placed in a very shady place, they tend not to bloom. Another defect of the wisteria depends on the fact that, although they produce many seeds every year, the small wisteria born from seed may never flower, and even if they bloom, they take from 5 to 15 years before deciding that the time has come to produce the small lilac buds. So, if your wisteria has been in pot for four years, you can wait for a few more years, it is very likely that in the future it will produce the long-awaited flowers. To facilitate the plant, you can try to place it in the ground, because creepers do not like very much being grown in pots, especially wisterias, which are so large and without adequate root system tend to develop little and badly. In general, the wisteria found in nurseries do not come from seed, but are cuttings or basal suckers of other wisterias, so as to be sure of obtaining new plants with the exact same flowering of the mother plant. In the nursery it is also possible to find wisteria from seed, and therefore it is usually advisable to buy a wisteria during flowering, in order to choose a flowering plant, with the certainty then to see the flowers again the following year. Consider that there are those who have waited up to 20 years to see his wisteria emit the first flowers; the positive side is that, if you wait so long to see a flower, perhaps it is more pleasing to you than this blossoms.