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Question: how to grow my roses?

hi, I bought two vases of roses of the "GOLDEN MONICA" type, I would like to know what kind of maintenance they have, like when to water them and how many to fertilize them, finally I would like to know if they must remain in pots or if I can bury them, having a very sunny garden, thanks for your attention!

Rose Golden Monica: Answer: roses

Dear Alessandro,
rose shrubs are vigorous and luxuriant plants, which do not love pot life very much; they can also be grown in pots, especially if they are very small roses, but they certainly prefer to be grown in the open ground. "Golden Monica" is a hybrid of tea, bearing the signature of Tantau, a German breeder; It is the yellow version of the "Monica" rose, which is orange instead. It is a plant with a nice growth habit, which can easily reach one meter in height, flowering quite regularly. Do not tell us where you live, so it is difficult to tell you with certainty where and how to grow plants in your garden, however know that roses need at least a few hours of direct sunlight to bloom profusely; clear that if you live in Sicily, it would be advisable to keep them in a shaded area during the hottest hours of the day, but if you live in Trentino then you can place them in the full sun, all day long. Watering depends very much on the climate and rainfall: once the roses are planted in a good rich and well-drained soil, you will have to water them only when the growing substrate is dry, and there are no rains or thunderstorms. So, in the spring, water only if it does not rain, in the summer water every day. At the end of winter, spread around the plants a slow release granular fertilizer, specific for roses or flowering plants. After flowering it shortens the branches that carry the withered flowers. Roses produce flowers on new branches, produced a few weeks ago, it is therefore essential to constantly rejuvenate the shrub, and encourage the constant production of new shoots, which will bring flowers. Therefore already in autumn, or at the end of winter, they are pruned low, maintaining about 2-3 buds for each branch, and possibly the gems higher up should be placed on the external part of the shrub; any suckers and all the weak or damaged branches are cut at the base. For the rest of the year, the branches that have already blossomed are shortened.


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