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Vine without grapes

Vine without grapes

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Question: vine without grapes

good evening, I own a grapevine of grafted table grapes of 5 years the second year has made some beautiful bunches of grapes now this is the third year that makes only green leaves without grapes you could advise me some intervention on my vine to make it return to make some bunches of grapes? thanks

Answer: vine without grapes

Dear Massimo,
in general the causes that lead the vine not to bear fruit are only two: either the soil is excessively acid or poor in mineral salts, and it has not been worked for a long time; or the pruning was carried out incorrectly, and therefore the flower buds were removed.
The vines are very vigorous climbing plants, which need a rich and deep soil, very well worked; for this reason, every year, in autumn and at the end of winter, it is necessary to remove weeds, spread manure around the stem, and work the soil well, with a hoe, in order to lighten the soil, and enrich it with manure .
Removal of weeds should be done periodically until the end of the vegetative season; leaving the weeds undisturbed, they go to "steal" water and mineral salts from the vine, and the plant tends to develop in a way that is not sufficient to be able to bloom and bear fruit.
Vine plants produce fruit mainly on the branches produced the previous year, but also on the new branches, on the shoots of this year. When a vine prunes it first shortens the main stem, leaving only 4-5 buds on this branch; then basal shoots are raised; later the side shoots are shortened, but leaving them with at least a few buds. A pruning carried out in a hasty or superficial, or even excessive, way can remove most of the branches that carry flower buds, and therefore leads to poor production, or even nothing in extreme cases.
Another fundamental necessity of vine plants is a good insolation; perhaps in recent years other shrubs have developed around the plant that have it completely or partially shaded, and therefore the plant is struggling to bloom. Another problem may be water, which, if it is decidedly little in the flowering period, causes the fall of future bunches, and therefore a total absence of fruit.


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