Grow carrots

Grow carrots

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Grow carrots:

The carrot is a two-year vegetable, but is grown as an annual; the part that is generally consumed of the plant is the root, for this reason it is fundamental to prepare a very soft and porous plot, where the roots can develop quickly, without finding obstacles. If our garden has a very compact soil, before sowing the carrots it is advisable to add sand to the soil, so as to make it softer, and easily penetrated by the young roots.
In addition to this, we enrich the soil with slow release granular fertilizer.
Carrots are sown directly at home, by spreading; after the young seedlings have developed a little (about 7-10 cm in height) they thin out, so as to leave a few centimeters around each single plant, to favor the development of more vigorous roots. During development, it is still fertilized with manure and watered regularly. Every single variety of carrot takes different times to be ready for consumption: from a few weeks up to 2-3 months.