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Dracaena bicolor

Dracaena bicolor

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Question: dracaena bicolor

this morning I bought one and since I would like not to kill it you can tell me how to follow it in the best way. thanks Gina

Answer: dracaena bicolor

Gentile Gina,
I think your green thumb is quietly able to grow a dragon tree; it is in fact a very easy plant to cultivate, which also forgives us some small errors, without giving us so many pains, not needing such strange and particular care. The dragon tree is a shrub (in nature it becomes a real tree) originating in the tropical areas of Africa; it is therefore used to a warm and humid climate. It loves to be grown in fairly large pots, which generally need to be replaced and expanded every year, or every other year, in spring or autumn. It is cultivated in a peaty soil, universal soil type, mixed with little sand, so that it drains the water without stagnation. The dragon trees love a land that is always quite humid, and from March to September they must be watered quite frequently; however, it is always necessary to wait for the soil to dry between two waterings, without keeping it constantly soaked with water. These plants withstand short periods of drought without problems, so it is perhaps better to water them once less, rather than once too often; in fact they fear water stagnation and do not like to live in a soaked and saturated soil of water. During the cold months, they are generally watered only occasionally, to prevent the soil from remaining dry and dry at all times. In the vegetative period, from March to September, it mixes a good fertilizer for green plants with the water of the every 12-15 days; avoid fertilizer in autumn and winter. To have a healthy and luxuriant plant, look for a well-lit area of ​​the house, and possibly in summer move your dracaena to the terrace, in a semi-shaded area, without receiving direct sunlight. At least once a year clean the leaves with a damp microfibre cloth.