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Question: Azalea

I bought a nursery azalea to grow it and then work it for a bonsai I have to put it in the garden with the tablet? Or in a large vase and the earth is that of the garden or what should I use?

Answer: Azalea

Dear Alessio,
before a nursery plant becomes a bonsai it is good to go through some intermediate steps, which can last even a few years; the first operation to do is to place it in a vase, possibly a prebonsai vase, and not yet one of those glazed with bonsai. In these cases low pots are used, such as bowls or in any case not very deep. The size of the plant is very important, if your azalea is already very large, at the time of repotting you can even already try to cut off part of the roots, to begin the work of bonsaization; s instead it is a small specimen, it starts to inform you about pruning techniques, and to think about how you want your azalea to become in the near future. Often looking at photographs of other azaleas and bonsai helps a lot, especially the neophytes. Once you have decided on the shape your azalea will have in the future, start taking all the steps that can take you in that direction, starting with the training pruning. Generally a first pruning of the azalea is done in spring, before or just after flowering; throughout the year, however, the shoots are clipped, leaving them only a couple of leaves. Azaleas are acidophilic plants, and therefore cannot be grown in the common garden soil; specific soil is used for acidophilic plants, mixed with kanuma and wet river sand, to increase the drainage of the final compound. The kanuma is a specific soil for bonsai that love soils with acid ph, and is very light in color, almost white, you can find it in specialized shops or nurseries.